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          Minister Colin Bates Tutor and Course Organiser at The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England. Registered Spiritualist Healer.
          Public Demonstrator of Mediumship, Teacher and Lecturer of Mediumistic and Spiritual Development from Beginners to
          Intermediate to Advanced Students.
          A great many people in our world have an inbuilt awareness and sensitivity, often experiencing events, thoughts and feelings that
          can relate to the energy of the Spirit World. It has been my pleasure for the last twenty years to explore and teach the many
          pathways of the Spirit. Coming into contact with many people who have a unique ability to touch that world and wish to strengthen
          and improve their individual understanding of the techniques involved in mediumistic and spiritual development.
         This can only be achieved through dedication and hard work. Each person is very much an individual, what I try to achieve in teaching is to look at the 
           individual potential of each person. Creating the best possible conditions for development to take place through the use of Mediumistic and Spiritual 

          practices, designed to stimulate and increase personal awareness. Every course is uniquely structured to suit the needs of the student, from basic awareness to advanced techniques
          for Public Demonstrations and Private Sittings.
          Taking time to blend and harmonise with the power of the spirit leading to a closer and stronger link with the Spirit for Philosophy and Healing, it is important
          when undertaking mediumistic development to look at the spiritual side to increase harmony and balance.  Harmony is vital to produce any phenomena, sitting
          for the Spirit will allow the blending of the Physical and Spiritual energy to become harmonised, focusing the mind through concentration and Meditation 
          increases the sensitivity leading to greater receptivity thus empowering the Psychic Sensory Pathways leading to clearness and understanding.
          Through structured daily teaching we look at ways to enhance and strengthen the existing connection with the Spirit World to become the best possible 
          instrument and this is achieved by the following:
  •    Concentration and Meditation through the use of sound and colour visualisation techniques.
  •    The energy of the Auric Field.
  •    The Understanding of Mediumship
  •    Mediumship and the Mind
  •    Techniques designed to strengthen and improve communication
  •    Creating the best conditions for the unfoldment of mediumship
  •    An in-depth look at Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience
  •    Holding the Link
  •    The use of Symbols in Mediumship
  •    Presentation of information
  •    Private Sittings an explanation and practice
  •    An in-depth look at the Philosophy of Spiritualism
  •    Aspects of Healing and Prayer.
  •    Public demonstration and  presentation techniques